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  1. Brazragore says:
    Woodlouse. Woodlice are most common in soils with neutral or alkaline pH, good crumb structure, high organic matter content, and where soil bacteria and other macro-decomposers such as earthworms and millipedes flourish.
  2. Shakagami says:
    Wood louse, either of two related terrestrial crustaceans, the pill bug (q.v.) and the sow bug.
  3. Fauzahn says:
    Woodlouse is crustacean that is closely related to lobsters and crabs. There are over species of woodlice that can be found around the world. Woodlouse inhabits moist and dark habitats and usually hides under the stones and logs in the forests, jungles and areas near the shore. Woodlice are occasionally classified as pest due to ability to destroy young seedlings.
  4. Doumuro says:
    There are 30 species of woodlouse in the UK in an array of colours from brown and grey to pink! How to identify The common woodlouse has smooth, shiny, grey 'armour' (an exoskeleton made up of segments or 'plates') with yellow patches and lighter grey edges. Distribution Widespread. Habitats. Grassland;.
  5. Kecage says:
    Dec 28,  · One woodlouse, many woodlice. Woodlice are a crustacean and have a long outer skeleton body and fourteen limbs that are jointed. There are at least species of woodlice and some, Armadillidium, can roll into a spherical shape as a defence, though most woodlice can not do this. Woodlice have many other names, including: armadillo bug, boat-builder, carpenter, cafner, .
  6. Voodoora says:
    Jan 13,  · Belonging to the Dysderidae family, the woodlouse spider does not make webs as it relies on hunting. Woodlouse Spider. Physical Description and Identification Adults. Size: Females are typically in ( cm) and males are in ( cm) Woodlouse Spider Size.
  7. Vigis says:
    Oct 29,  · The female woodlouse retains the eggs in a pouch on her body until they hatch. The hatchlings start life measuring approximately 2 millimeters. Woodlice live for about 2 years, although some species can live for up to 4 years. Their longevity may be cut short if they are naturally predated, or they be deliberately poisoned by human pest Author: Beth Eaglescliffe.
  8. Samuzil says:
    Aug 03,  · Now that you have gotten rid of the visible woodlice, be sure to minimise the risk of them returning. Small holes in skirting boards, gaps in doors and other areas can .

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